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This website has been created to provide YOU—the governing body of the state of Oklahoma, with information to help facilitate communication with your elected public servants and make informed, authoritative decisions about your districts.

It is intended to put We the People back into the position of authority in our state.

The data I have gathered has been pulled from numerous public sources (which are most often difficult to find and/or navigate) and organized into one place. It will eventually contain all things relevant to Oklahoma government and politics, such as special interest contributions, campaign expenditures, legislation, votes, etc. in order to be used as a tool for the voter who wants to be informed and to assume the rightful position of authority.

As it will be in development for quite some time, please check back regularly for new profiles, features, data updates, and commentary.

All financial data presented on this website has been pulled from the public Oklahoma Ethics Commission Electronic Reporting System website and begins either from the first reporting period of the candidate's campaign or 2015

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